Thursday, July 2, 2009

What is so GOOD about PPStream

PPStream is a software that helps users to stream and view videos and clips online. This software can be downloaded from This software is unlike what we usually use to stream videos. PPStream stores the latest dramas, series, anime, news, sports and many more.
The main advantage of PPStream is that users may access to all videos without any payment or registration. Most of the online media sites require users to register for an account before using the facilities. PPStream do not need to register or pay any fees to watch all the videos.
Another advantage is that PPStream do not copyright problems and users cannot download the videos from PPStream. This may avoid users to download the videos and share to other people. Most of the dramas shown in other online media sites face copyright issues. In online media sites, they usually do not have full length dramas because it is against the drama copyright.
Then, the speed of streaming is very fast compared to the online media sites like,, and others. This software serves as a platform where users use this software to view the videos.

What other media software you use?

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