Thursday, July 9, 2009 Vs Vs This 2 online media sites have been competing for many years. is more famous among the Asians yet is known around the world. The reason is more preferable because it has many different language for users to choose. On the other hand, is fully in Chinese wordings, therefore, it is limited to some users only.

he main reason why is more preferable in Asia is because the videos uploaded are longer duration compared to For example, users may want to watch Chinese drama online, but the videos in are shorter. Therefore, it is very troublesome for users to open different parts of the videos to complete an episode.

Both these media sites required the same plug-in, which is the Adobe Flash Player. The speed of both these media sites are depending on the duration of the video and the speed of the user's Internet line.

Many users in China today prefer to watch dramas or TV news through instead of watching from the TV. It is because they can watch it anything time they want and they may choose from the media site itself. No matter what, still holds the record for the most viewers online media site. On the other hand, is the highest minutes watched per-day among all the online media sites because of the videos posted are all longer duratio

Which one do you prefer most?

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