Thursday, July 23, 2009

Youtube Podcast
This Podcast talks about Youtube. It gives an general idea of what is youtube and how can users use it. The content also contains information of our blog such as topics, post, comments and votes. The reason we created this podcast is because we want readers to communicate by hearing our voice. We also include the advantages of using youtube. We offer readers whom wants to advertise to consider our blog by placing their ads in our blog.

Retrieved on 23th July, 2009

Does this podcast gives you the information you need?
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How to use (Podcast)

Below is the link of the podcast on how to use to stream your favourite Chinese, Korean, Japanese and English music. The reason why we use this podcast is because it lets the readers to have a different experience by listening to our voice which has more interactivity. The whole podcast will be conducted in Mandarin. Customly made for Mandarin speaking users.
Retrieved by:, 25th June 2009.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vote Results (Week9)

According to the chat above, 40% of the votes watches movies when their streaming. This is because there are a lot of websites that offers the latest movies, hence streaming has improve the usability and accessibility of the movies.

The other 30% of the voters listens to music online, this is because many website in different dialects has enhanced the usage and users are enjoying the music. Websites such as, Sogou, Soso etc.

The remaining 20% watches music videos when their streaming. Websites such as Youtube has allowed users to stream for their favorite music videos in seconds.

The last 10% of the voters keep themselves updated with news and gossips when streaming. and E news entertainment has the most updated news and gossips about audiences favorite celebrity or idol.

What do you do when your streaming?
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Need Help Designing Your Advertisement?
We are now offering our service to the public either individuals or companies who are looking for experts on designing their advertisements. We are graduates major in Media and Advertising which have experience in designing advertisements. We also won several titles in advertisement designing contests organised by different organizations.

We mainly create and design advertisements for Internet. There are two types of advertisement we design which are animated advertisement and non-animated advertisement. Animated advertisement is which involve of animation content in the advertisement such as movements and slideshows. Non-animated advertisement is the typical banner or print ad we see in daily life.

Our service is mainly offered based 'On-demand' basis. Which means that when individuals or companies need experts to design their advertisement, they may come to us and we offer our service to them. The payment of the service is paid just for the particular advertisement designed.

The pricing of our service is very depending on the type of advertisement and the size of the advertisement. For example, our advertisements are seperated into two catogories which are animated advertisement and non-animated advertisement. Animated advertisement is more expensive compared to non-animated advertisement. The pricing also differs according to the size of the advertisement.

For more information, please feel free to post questions in our comment place regarding our service or contact me at

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why people rather stream for videos than downloading them?
Well, first of all people rather stream for videos because it saves their time and effort in searching the video. For example, you can use youtube to search for music videos. All you need to do is just type in the name of the music video and it will stream to you. Where else downloading requires you to choose the perfect file and user, sometimes it could be slower than streaming.

Besides that, some people prefer to watch the movie once after that they will get bored of the movie. For example blockbuster movie, each time a new movie is made and people would want to watch the latest movie. Certain downloading software such as kazaa or limewire does'nt offer the latest movie.

Thirdly, the government prefer the people to stream rather than download. In a way is call 'pirated version' but the government allows user to stream for their favorite video.

Do you know that the government can check what you download through your ip address?
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Vote Results (Week 8)
According to the graph above, 63% of the voters uses PPstream online to watch movies and the other 37% of the voters does not. This is because PPStream stores the latest dramas, series, anime, news, sports and many more.

The main advantage of why people prefer to use PPStream is because users may access to all videos without any payment or registration. Most of the online media sites require users to register for an account before using the facilities. PPStream do not need to register or pay any fees to watch all the videos.

If PPstream would to add new features, what feature do you prefer?
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Thursday, July 9, 2009 Vs Vs This 2 online media sites have been competing for many years. is more famous among the Asians yet is known around the world. The reason is more preferable because it has many different language for users to choose. On the other hand, is fully in Chinese wordings, therefore, it is limited to some users only.

he main reason why is more preferable in Asia is because the videos uploaded are longer duration compared to For example, users may want to watch Chinese drama online, but the videos in are shorter. Therefore, it is very troublesome for users to open different parts of the videos to complete an episode.

Both these media sites required the same plug-in, which is the Adobe Flash Player. The speed of both these media sites are depending on the duration of the video and the speed of the user's Internet line.

Many users in China today prefer to watch dramas or TV news through instead of watching from the TV. It is because they can watch it anything time they want and they may choose from the media site itself. No matter what, still holds the record for the most viewers online media site. On the other hand, is the highest minutes watched per-day among all the online media sites because of the videos posted are all longer duratio

Which one do you prefer most?