Thursday, May 28, 2009

Search for Chinese Songs?
Many people do not know where to find Chinese songs in the Internet. Most people use the YouTube to search for Chinese songs but sometimes YouTube does not provide the latest songs because the video is not released. There are many sites today for users to stream and download Chinese songs. The examples are the following:

Baidu MP3 LogoBaidu, BaiduMp3 [Online], Retrieved 28th May 2009


1. - Baidu is one of the most famous online search engine in China. It also allows users to download and stream latest songs.

Gougou Music Logo

Gougou, Gougou Music [Online], Retrieved 28th May 2009


2. - GouGou is very similar to baidu because it is also another famous online search engine in Chine. It also allows users to download and stream songs there. Logo

Haoting,[Online], Retrieved 28th May 2009


3. - is one of the most famous streaming media sites known among Chinese songs lovers. It allows user to stream the audio file from the web site. Users do not need to waste space to download a song if he/she could listen from the web site. It also rated as one of the best streaming media sites for Chinese Songs because it has all the latest songs from all Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other Asian musicians. The web site also practices copywriting, therefore all the music stream from there are all licensed music.

Have you tried these sites?

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vote Results (Week 1) 1 Poll Chart

According to the chart, majority of the voters which is 73 percent prefers to use the youtube online media site and 18 percent of the voters prefers metacafe and the other 7 percent of the voters prefers Hulu.

So the majority of the voters prefer to use youtube because it is the most popular social online media sites among people and it has many advantages and certainly user friendly. Besides that, the uploading and streaming of the video is quite fast which makes users enjoy using this site. In addition, the search engine has a wide coverage which means user can search for any topic or choices of movie and it could be found.

The other 18 percent of the voters prefers to use metacafe, they mostly uses them so stream movies when they are on their free time. Mostly adults uses them because they can watch a movie that they miss after working hours. The other 7 percent of the voters chooses hulu online media site. This online media site is not so famous or popular among the people and some user dont even know or heard about this website.

Are you currently using youtube?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Getting Famous In YouTube
There were many musicians became famous through YouTube. Since they don't have a record company to sign them, so they have to promote their own music in YouTube. Those music that receive good feedback and the playing rate is high, they usually get notice by proffesional musicians and even signing them under their record company.

YouTube[Online], Retrieved 25th May 2009.


One of the best example of a Malaysian singer that got notice through YouTube, Karen Kong. She participated Malaysian Idol in 2004 and got eliminated in the first round. Then she got offer to promote her music in Friendster and YouTube. After awhile, she released her first solo album in 2007.

YouTube[Online], Retrieved 25th May 2009.


Zee Avi is the latest Malaysian singer that post her videos in YouTube. Avi originally posted a video of her first song on YouTube because one of her friends had missed her first performance in Kuala Lumpur, so she created a video on YouTube for him to watch. He convinced Avi to leave the video up, and soon she received positive feedback, which inspired her to put more videos on YouTube. After she was featured YouTube, she attracted the attention of Brushfire Records, with which she would join.

Therefore, anybody who wants to promote their music or video, post it on YouTube. You might be lucky.

Do you know any other talented musicians in YouTube?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why People Prefer Youtube
Youtube Logo
Youtube, Youtube homepage [Online], Retrieved 21st May 2009.

Youtube is one of the famous social media website whereby users can share and upload their favorite videos and allow other users to view or download it to watch.

With this new software called the youtube downloader, users can now stream and download at the same time and it can be replayed again.

The video file format that is used is MPEG-4 format which is by Moving Picture Expert Group. This file format can be supported by various operating system which makes it more convenient and attractive for all the users.

The advantages of using youtube is that users can stream unlimited videos or clips for free. Besides that, streaming actually enables user to watch the video while it is still streaming rather then downloading which users have to wait for the video to download finish.

Does youtube provides you the video or movie clip that you desire?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What is Imeem?

Imeem Logo
imeem, imeem homepage [Online], Retrived 20th May 2009.

Imeem is a social media network where users can create, recommend and discover music, film/video, art, and pop culture media and connect with other users who have similar tastes.

Today artists are paid in proportion to the popularity of their music on Imeem. The company also partnered with three major record labels (Sony BMG, EMI Music and Warner Music Group) as well as hundreds of indie labels. This has allowed Imeem to offer free (Imeem’s partners take a cut of the ad revenue) on-demand streaming of music and video content. This model seems to be working quite well for the company, as they are currently (as of 11/07) attracting over 18 million unique users each month.

Imeem is the world’s largest social music community. On imeem, people can stream unlimited music and videos for free, express themselves with music and video playlists, and find friends with similar tastes. To build playlists, people can legally upload their own music and videos to imeem or choose from millions of songs and videos already available. People can easily share and embed the playlists they find and create on imeem, and buy downloads from either iTunes or Amazon.

Do you know how to use Imeem?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What is Online Media?

Online media is very popular among us and everyone is using it these days. Online media is how users use these websites to stream and watch videos, movies or even listening to the musics that they want or missed out. The most popular online media site is People go on to this website most of the time to stream for their favorite music videos by various artist. Some people stream for movies or sitcom's online.

There are many other online media sites besides YouTube such as for movies or for musics.The reason people uses these online media is because it is faster then downloading the videos or musics. Especially when it comes to downloading movies, it usually takes about 2 - 3 days depending on the file size of the movie and the connection speed of the users connection.

For example if you go to the link below, it will bring you to website which enables you to stream for the show called British Got Talent. Now you can watch videos in a faster way.


Greg Pritchard sings Nessun Dorma. Ep 5. Britains Got Talent Auditions 2009, Youtube homepage [Online], Retrieved 16 May

What do you think of online media?